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History of red established in New York over 150 years ago in 1853, MOTUL had its roots in the whale-oil business, used for lanterns. Owned by the Rockefeller Group and operated as a subsidiary of Standard Oil Company, the company was later managed and run by Swan Finch and in 1919, came to known as the Swan Finch Company.
Having established its headquarters in the USA, the Swan Finch Company expanded its lubricant business and started exporting to Europe. In 1932, the Zaugg family, a French distributor bought out the Swan Finch Company, but kept the MOTUL brand name. The entire operation moved to France and the brand name MOTUL, was relaunched as a French brand.
  • 1953 – the launch of the World’s 1st Multigrade Motor Oil.
  • 1966 – the launch of the World’s 1st Semi-Synthetic Motor Oil.
  • 1971 – the launch of the World’s 1st 100% Synthetic Motor Oil.

MOTUL MC CARE p3 tyre repair

Motul® MC Care™ line has been developed to fully maintain and care for the motorcycle, the motorcyclist and their equipment.Product category: Mechanical Parts MaintenanceMotul® MC CARE ™ P3 Tyre Repair repairs and re-inflates tyres instantly without disassembly or tools. Its latex based formula does not deteriorate either the inner tube or tyre.

3000 PLUS 4T 20W-50

HC-TECH® lubricant for 4-stroke motorcycle engine. Street & road bikes, trails, off-road bikes fitted with 4 stroke engines, integrated gearbox or not, wet or dry clutch, engines with or without catalytic converters.

Scooter Power LE 5W-40

100% Synthetic low emission high performance motor oil designed to meet today’s 4-stroke engines for powerful and recent scooters for which manufacturers recommends JASO MB specification. It provides effective control of piston deposit, wear and bearing corrosion.

Motul san juan city

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